Ocean Protocol

Ocean Protocol unlocks the value of data. Data owners and consumers use Ocean Market app to publish, discover, and consume data in a secure, privacy-preserving fashion. OCEAN holders stake liquidity to data pools. Developers use Ocean libraries to build their own data wallets, data marketplaces, and more.


Buy & Sell Private Data, While Preserving Privacy


More Data, Provenance, and Earning Opportunities


Data Marketplaces with Blockchain Superpowers


On-ramp and off-ramp for data assets into DeFi

Our Mission

We aim to unlock data, for more equitable outcomes for users of data, using a thoughtful application of both technology and governance.

Our Company

Our Core Team

Bruce Pon


Trent McConaghy

CEO & Founder

Razvan Olteanu


Cristina Pon


Sheridan Johns


Masha McConaghy


Why you should choose us

Our team and community is committed to kick-starting a New Data Economy that reaches every single person, company and device, giving power back to data owners and enabling people to capture value from data to better our world.

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The People Building Ocean Protocol

Ocean Protocol is being built by a diverse ecosystem of contributors who share a common vision of unlocking data for AI. Our core team and advisors have converged from many different countries, industries, and backgrounds to collaborate on kickstarting a New Data Economy

Our Client

Ocean Protocol
unlocks the value of data.